Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wedding Bouquets Forever
One of the many pleasures of exhibiting at Wedding Fairs is meeting new people who have turned their hobby/craft into a passion which in turn becomes a business.   At such a fair in Southampton recently my stand was next door to the lovely Nicola Garrett who creates the most beautiful brooch bouquets I have seen.
To be honest I could not stop gazing at them and if I could have sneaked a little one away, and got away with it, I may have tried!!
In Nicola's own words "Nicola Garrett Brooch Bouquets are beautifully hand crafted wedding bouquets made from sparkly and enamelled vintage and vintage style brooches. Each brooch bouquet is completely individual, making it a fabulously unique addition to any wedding day and it is something that would be lovingly cherished for years to come, a long lasting memento"
So much has changed since I was preparing to get married (32 years now) but if I were marrying  today there is no doubt I would opt for a gorgeous bouquet to keep and pass down to my daughter & grandchildren as a unique momento and if you are marrying abroad they are absolutely perfect.
Nicola can also make bespoke bouquets incorporating a favourite brooch, colour or theme and cater for bridesmaids too.   The good news is that Nicola delivers nationwide too!
For further information here is Nicola's website

Have a look at the Gallery as it contains so many gorgeous bouquets.
Simply Love Vintage xx