Friday, April 29, 2011

A fairytale wedding full of fun, romance and personal touches

Catherine Middleton greeting crowds on arrival at Westminster Abbey
We have all been so looking forward to William & Catherine's Wedding but little did we know just how beautiful it would be!

The stunning pretty, and very iconic wedding dress, the lovely personal touches that were added by the couple during the wedding service, the TWO kisses on the palace balcony and the couple driving away from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House wowed the crowds in the 'vintage' Aston Martin. 

The Palace kiss

such a down to earth touch - William driving his wife in  his 'vintage' Aston Martin to Clarence House
It is surely a day that will be remembered with fondness by millions of people and go down in history as a wedding so personal we all felt we were invited to it.  Congratulations to William & Catherine on their  marriage -  it filled our hearts with pride and happiness.